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Frohlich 96 bass accordion ladies model £750​ Click Here for more information

Maugein 120 bass accordion double Cassotto £1999 Click Here for more information

Marinucci 120 musette with midi 

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Weltmeister achat 72 bass accordion £875 click here for more information

Guerrini 5 voice accordion £999

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Roland FR3X 120 bass v accordion  Click here for more information




Brandoni 96 bass accordion musette tuned £1500

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German 120 bass musette accordion £750 ​  Click here for more information

Sonola 120 bass accordion musette tuned £1250 Click Here for more information.

Roland fr1x 72 bass v-accordion  

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Hohner Atlantic 1vn musette 120 bass accordion £799 Click Here for more information

Weltmelster perle 48 bass accordion  Click Here for more information.