Used Accordions For Sale

Our instruments are listed in ascending order from the lowest to the highest prices.

72 Bass Starter Accordion £299 Click for more info.

Weltmeister 60 Bass Accordion £399 Click for more info.

Parrot 120 bass accordion      £399 Click for more info.

Chanson 48 Bass  Accordion Good Starter Model £250

Click for more info.

48 Bass Accordion with microphone pickup £275  Click for moreinfo.

Crucianelli 80 Bass Accordion £399 Click for more info.

German 48 Bass Accordion £375 Click Here for more information Click for more info.

Delicia 96 Bass Accordion £450 Click for more info.

Delicia 48 Bass Accordion £275 Click for more info.

Of Birmingham U.K.

Tel: 07763 919 621